Teaching the Lute

Ronn is an enthusiastic teacher of the lute and lute-related subjects. From 1984 until 1995 he was a faculty member of Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland, where he taught Lute, Lute Tablature and Repertoire, and Lute History. In 1995, Ronn withdrew from institutional teaching in order to pursue a more active concert career, but he continues to welcome contact with interested students wherever he travels.

"Mr. McFarlane teaches with a very relaxed and calm demeanor, encouraging the student with a kind and gentle instructional style. The others were following along and, contrary to what I would have expected, the student in the "hot seat" seemed relaxed and not put on the spot at all, either a testimony to the teacher's calming influence or the student's confidence."

~ Bob Hieronimus, Lute Society of America Quarterly

Ronn currently offers workshops, masterclasses and lecture-demonstrations. He has a number of school programs designed for each level from elementary through college and post-graduate classes.

Ronn also works with guitarists who are interested in learning more about playing Renaissance and Baroque music. In fact, he has a particular interest in exploring the various ways historical performance practice techniques and principles can be adapted for the modern guitar.

"Ronn truly has a gift for taking a student at any level whatever and drawing the best from him. And then on top of that he gave an unbelievable amount of information about the instrument, its construction, its history, the music written for it, etc. Most in the audience were guitarists, not lutenists, and even they were saying that it was the best master class they had ever attended."

~ Anne Nash - participant in the La Guitarra California Festival 2003