Some of the things people have been saying about Ronn...

probably the finest living exponent of his instrument
The Times Colonist, Victoria, B.C.
The songs posess a timeless charm and pith that are captured with effortless grace by the remarkable lutenist Ronn McFarlane
McFarlane, for his part, is a master lutenist who's seemingly distilled countless influences and yet maintained the uniqueness of his instrument. He played 450-year old John Dowland pieces as well as his own compositions with a casual intensity that belies his rythmic style. And anyone impressed with the dexterity required by speed rock ought to see what Mr. McFarlane does when he flashes his fingers across the fretboard of a stout lute. Little wonder his performance received a standing ovation.
The Wall Street Journal
Dorian has the find of a lifetime in Ronn McFarlane, one of the most impressive lutenists ever to record...Inimitable clarity, tone, grace, wit and phrasing culminate in Renaissance lute playing at its very, very finest.
American Record Guide
...some of the most ravishing lute playing to be heard anywhere.
The Washington Times
...the most moving performance of Dowland's Lachrimae (Tears) that I have heard in 40 years of loving that music.
The Washington Post
His subtle nuances and tonal variety are worth hearing in themselves, and are allied to a high degree of musianship, serving the music of Dowland more effectively than I have ever heard before.
CD Review, UK
McFarlane penetrates the elusive Elizabethan head-space, phrasing across bar lines in a free, speech like fashion...To paraphrase Jacques in Shakespeare's As You Like It, McFarlane can suck melancholy from a song the way a weasel sucks eggs.
Guitar Player
...exquisitely nuanced and marked by a range of timbral colors I didn't think possible on the lute.
His intense concentration, technical prowess and rapport with the audience showed that, in time, he could become the Segovia of the lute.
Chicago Tribune
delightful surprise of unusual charm, American lutenist McFarlane, subtle master of his instrument, illuminates the little trod path of Scottish lute music from the early 1600's...McFarlane brings a loving touch to these gems.
The Cincinnati Enquirer
McFarlane won hearts with fresh original compositions that explored a facinating variety of colors and techniques.
The Plain Dealer, Cleveland

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